Accelerating future industries with web3

talinoX is the web3 unit of Talino Venture Labs – the global venture studio
for inclusive fintech


Building the future today

talinoX accelerates tomorrow’s industries with web3. As a venture studio, we build on the combined strength of a diverse portfolio and years of experience to deliver rapid innovation and industry-changing solutions.


Scholarships for Tomorrow’s
Computer Geniuses

CodeyVerse provides a platform for benefactors to support promising kids with scholarships via NFTs and track their progress along the way.

We work with a passionate community of volunteers, teaching staff, donors, students, families, and brand evangelists to provide talented young children with a computer science education – funded and maintained by Web3 tech.

Tarsier Studios

Making Stories Together

Tarsier Studios democratizes film production and funding 1 second at a time.

We work with independent filmmakers to produce and distribute short films in a native Web3 environment – using NFTs to both fund film production, and automatically distribute revenue across its community of shareholders.

Merit-based Hiring is a career acceleration platform puts focus on the competencies and accomplishments of a technical candidate over traditional screening methods.

By removing filters for age, ethnicity, and gender, we foster a merit-based environment that highlights skill in software development, UX design, and the Web3 ecosystem – validated through proof-of-work and digital certification.


Equal Opportunity Credit

AsensoX gives everyone a fair shot at securing the funding they need through anonymous pre-underwritten loans that take common bias points like age and ethnicity out of the equation.

All approved loans come in the form of self-executing smart contracts built on the blockchain to protect both the borrower and lender from breaches.


Owning One-of-a-Kind

ShopLokal connects buyers to artisans directly – enabling the purchase of one-of-a-kind products globally.

We work with local artisans to produce one-of-a-kind products, certified on the blockchain with a transferable NFT counterpart – establishing provenance, creatorship, and current ownership all-in-one.

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